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Why use heat insulation glass films?

Many people turn up air-conditioning to brave out the summer heat. When the power bill comes, the total figure can be staggering. Are you one of them?

Does the blinding sunlight directing coming into your home make your eyes uncomfortable? Or a large glass window facing the sun reduces the space available for activities?

As the apartment is covered by sunlight, a massive amount of solar heat enters the indoor space from windows or the ceiling.

A heated indoor space could overwhelming the air-conditioning and lead to extra power costs, and more importantly it could affect the comfort and health of the people living or working inside.

How to choose a suitable heat insulation glass film for you?
With so many choices of heat insulation glass films available on the market, what should you need to pay attention during the purchase process? Here’re a few points:

  1. Infrared (IR) insulation: since IR is the main source of solar heat, a higher number of IR resistance means better heat insulation;
  2. Ultraviolet (UV) insulation: UV deteriorates and decolors your furniture, and prolonged exposure could damage your skin and even cause skin cancer;
  3. Visible light penetrability: Better penetrability means closer to total transparency. Penetrability does not affect insulation capacity, which means powerful heat insulation doesn’t come at the cost of limiting your vision;
  4. Total Solar Energy Rejected (TSER): With infrared being part of the total solar energy (TSE), this figure better represents the overall capacity of the heat insulation glass films, and a higher number means higher insulation capacity;
  5. Test report from an accredited third-party certification center(e.g. SGS) can be provided to support these figures.
We hereby present ele half heat insulation glass films!

ele half is a HK-Japan joint investment with all technologies sourced from Japan.

Model IR insulation UV insulation VL penetrability TSER
7095 99% 99% 75% 51%
5000 99% 99% 50% 51%
3500 99% 99% 35% 51%
1500 99% 99% 15% 51%

Our product can effectively insulate 99% of infrareds and reduce indoor temperature, block out 99% of UVs and lessen blazes.

The company also has a professional installation team who will first perform on-site check-up before choosing the proper insulation products and carrying out the installation.

As it gets much cooler with the product, your home becomes more comfortable and the air-conditioner can be turned 2-3 degrees higher. It helps the environment andsaves you up to 50% of the power cost!

Embrace the sunshine, make good use of all your space!

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